Digital Courses for Employee Training

Every business organization needs each employee to become an integral part of the company. He must be able to work based on his job position and collaborate with other employee. There’s a big issue for business organization that new hires may not easily blend with the existing organization. Those new employees requires training about his job description, corporate culture, how the organization works, and more importantly, the right skill to get the job done.

How effective employee training is will determine productivity and achievement of the whole organization. Workforce training is very crucial to ensure each employee has the right abilities and skills required by the organization. It won’t be an easy thing and it can also be time and resource consuming. Traditional method of new hires trained by supervisor may not deliver consistent result. Sending the new hires on training courses would need a big budget. The new method of digital training would be the right solution. New hires will be required to take short digital training sessions prepared to help them learn basic and crucial skills. This method is also suitable for advanced training for other employees to improve their capabilities. It has been widely practiced by many

Five Steps To Take The Risk Out Of Recruitment

In today’s corporate setup a lot of effort goes into the process of recruitment and hiring. Training, grooming, mentoring and hand-holding are the other processes that follow consequently. After all this work that goes into getting new recruits on board, if they either prove to be incompetent or if they suddenly choose to leave the company then facing the brunt of this wrong recruitment can indeed be a very costly affair for the company.

Hence it becomes important to try and minimize the risks that are involved while recruiting and selecting candidates. There are five important steps that you could take to further bolster the recruitment process and minimize the risks:

    • Identify the key competencies needed for the job in question: First and foremost it is important to understand as to what the key competencies or essential skills are which would be needed for the job profile or role that the candidates are going to be interviewed for. This identification would help the recruiters check and analyze whether the potential candidates have these skills and competencies thus ensuring a good match between the job profile and the potential candidate.
    • Ensure that you give a realistic job profile to the would-be candidates: It

You’re Not A Workaholic If You Genuinely Love Your Job

You’ve heard the Confucius quote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But what if you have yet to figure out what it is that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning? Sure, you might think your job is fine. But between the never-ending (pointless) meetings on your calendar and your mile-long-to-do-list, would you really say you love it?

Think about a time you fell in love or the first time you held your newborn baby. The world seemed different – it felt like your heart was going to burst with love and happiness. It is possible to bring that kind of joy and energy into your work too. When we have passion in whatever we do it’s not a job but more of a calling. A job is often synonymous with chore, a drag; something you have–not want–to do, and it drains your energy. Having a passion for your work is energizing, something you look forward to, that you cannot wait to dive into to, and it makes you genuinely happy.

Here’s a quick question. What did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor?

5 Common HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Below are 5 common Human Resources mistakes that can trip up a small business. Avoiding these mistakes can reduce the risk of disputes, being fined with hefty penalties or even being sued.

1. Poor recruitment practices

Even potential employees have access to workplace rights under the Fair Work Act and can sue for adverse action. In these instances businesses carry the burden of proof, not the applicant. It’s also a lot easier to employ someone than to terminate them so put in the effort upfront and make sure you have a robust recruitment process. Understanding employee rights and anti-discrimination laws is the first step in minimising these risks. Developing a Job Description, preparing interview questions, conducting reference checks and making it clear what the expectations are and how you will measure success is also good practice and helps to ensure that you employ the right people.

2. Not getting the status of your employees right

Do you need casual, permanent part-time, full-time, fixed term or fixed project employment arrangements or perhaps a Contractor? This too needs to be well understood from the beginning because there are pro’s and con’s associated with all of these. For example, there is no point hiring a casual

How to Attract, Hire and Retain Millennials in the 21st Century

For years, there has been talk among employers regarding the influx of millennials into the workforce. I recall a conversation that I had several years ago with a friend that managed the local branch of a bank. He was very frustrated with the turn-over rate in his branch and he began to tell me how difficult it was to get this “new generation” to play by traditional corporate rules. Moreover, he was wrestling with some of the “suggestions” that had been given to him by some of his employees, which were millennials. They included changing the dress code from business to casual and changing their work hours from 8:30am – 5:30pm to 10:00 am to 4:00p, because they simply could not get to work by 8:30am. I have to admit that I was appalled. I could not believe that these young people were making such demands and I vividly remember that after finished my rant regarding their suggestions, my friend quietly said, “This is what they want and we may have to appease them.”

Research has shown that in 2014, millennials accounted for 40 million people in the workforce, and they are set to become the nation’s first hundred-million-member generation.

The Best Business Communication Technology Ever

Social media and technology have made it easier than ever to connect with others. It’s great to know that with tools like Skype and others, you can connect instantly and in real time with a colleague or family member across town, across the country, or across the globe. That said, nothing beats (or ever will beat) face-to-face, in-person contact.

I’m currently attending the annual convention of my industry organization, the National Speakers Association (NSA). The sessions-both the general sessions as well as the breakouts-have been outstanding. But for me, the greatest value at this convention (as with all previous NSA conventions that I’ve attended) has come from the impromptu conversations in the hallway, the bar, the restaurant-even (in one case) in the restroom.

If you’ve ever attended a convention for your industry, I’m sure you’ve had the same experience (right?). You’re walking down the hall, you see a colleague approaching, and you remember that last year she was facing the same challenge you happen to be facing right now. So you stop and say, “Hey, Shelly, how did you finally resolve that situation you were in?” You have a quick, spontaneous conversation, and the conference has now paid for itself.

When the

A Focus on Quality Series: Webinars For Business Success

Webinars for business success is an article about successful business strategy. Strategic planning is important and adding webinars to any business plan is a strength and opportunity any organization should consider. Here is an overview of webinars for business success.

The webinar is an amazing business concept which will position any organization for success. More specifically, obtaining a license to establish the webinar for business opportunity is important.

Here are 5 reasons why an organization or business should consider webinars as an opportunity and business strength:

1. Webinars save travel time to meetings.
2. This concept offers important job specialized training.
3. Webinars are fun.
4. The process is informational and organized.
5. The concept increases sales, ROI and conversion rates.

The webinar process allows any individual or business to create and implement unlimited webinars for business success. The webinars can be shared via email and replayed as well. The concept of including webinars for business is smart and important.

The webinar is essentially an informational business video or may even be a sales pitch which can be disseminated to employees, B2B, customers and the general public. The business tool offers time saving strategies as well. This article offers business insights about the webinar concept

Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency for Hiring

For the budding startups getting the manpower lined up as soon as possible can help them to be operational quickly. Hiring and putting the talent to work on a bigger perspective when you have large and different territories to cater, could really be a tedious task. Being involved directly to bring the employees on board can put you in the slow track and delay your progress unnecessarily. In the similar lines, even for an established business, with concrete growth it turns out to be tiresome to manage the workforce on such a huge level.

In the given scenario outsourcing, human resources to a staffing agency could really strike as a smart idea. Such companies already have a considerable database of qualified & experienced candidates from different spheres of fields and locations. Moreover, a recruitment company can also manage, search & selection, on boarding & payroll of the new hires. For time specified projects such a practice works a boon, acting as conjunction for the employer & employees.

With the notion of global village taking shape, the exercise of employee outsourcing is being adopted globally. The interesting part is that outsourcing is working alike to a large, mid-level or a small company,

In Love With Yourself: Dealing With Narcissistic Personalities at Work

Love is an interesting business subject. I’ve written about loving your job, being in love with a co-worker or working with a spouse you love. But what if you are working with someone who is totally self-involved, in love with him or herself… a narcissist?

We may toss the term around, but narcissism is a real psychological condition in which one has an excessive interest in oneself-far beyond what is normal. While positive self-esteem is important, there’s a big difference between having a positive self-image and believing in one’s superiority to others.

The term comes from a Greek myth about the beautiful Narcissus. Upon seeing his own reflection in a pool he fell in love with it. He didn’t know it was his own image and fell in the water and drowned because he was unable to stop looking at himself.

A narcissist, while often entertaining, puts strain on relationships. It becomes especially difficult in a professional environment where people’s financial futures are on the line. Having a boss or co-worker who feels that he or she is the “smartest” or “most accomplished,” can manifest itself in a refusal to listen to other’s ideas or a need for constant praise. This person

5 Reasons Why People Prefer HR Advisory Services

Banking and Financial services are two of the most important verticals that contribute to the GDP growth of a nation. Recruiting the right candidates and counselling them on an individual basis for their career in one these fields, is a hectic task for sure. Impartially, anyone can ask HR Advisory service providers who sweat it out to manage client retention & compete as the best ‘Advisory’ for candidates at the same time, how do they manage?

Industrial practices show that there are 5 reasons why business owners prefer HR Advisory services. Primarily, HR Advisory service providers aim to deliver effective solutions to HR department of hiring companies.

They assist companies to revamp HR management systems and practices; maintain consistency with both the company’s requirements and its international partners. Now, coming back to the 5 most essential facts that lead to the hiring of HR Advisory services from an external source are mentioned below:

1) Improved HR management system that is aligned to the environment, needs and culture of the company.
2) HR policies and strategies are clearly defined.
3) HR departments tend to be smarter in adopting international practices than before.
4) 360 review system and performance appraisal system enhancing work performance.